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Join our Barista Training class to start your coffee journey. This is an action packed espresso and milk texturing session aimed at introducing beginners to the basic skills of how to make a properly extracted espresso and prepare beautiful smooth milk for latte art. The barista training module gives beginners confidence using an espresso machine.

Over the course of 18 hours you will make in excess of 50 coffees and you will use approximately 6 litres of milk. The barista training class is the quickest way to move from a beginner to making coffees.


  • Coffee Origins
  • Understanding Green Beans
  • Sample Beans
  • Bean Processing
  • Extracting the ‘shot’ – the espresso
  • Extraction weights and length
  • Espresso Evaluation
  • Espresso Taste : Acidity, mouthfeel, fullness, fruit, body, presentation, astringency, bitterness & length
  • The Cafe drinks menu
  • Introduction to texturing Milk
  • Building drinks from flat whites to cappuccinos.
  • How to pour latte heart

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